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    Rights to a pond

    What is the name of your state? NC

    We own half of a pond (our property line goes directly down the middle of the pond). We are having trouble with tresspassers who want to go fishing. We ask people to leave continually - the police have even had to come in the middle of the night to escort people away. We are often told that the neighbor has given them permission, but they are fishing from the bank in our yard. Additionally, the neighbor's teenage-child brings his friends on our bank regularily. Besides the fear of our liability, these children have set our yard on fire (and admitted to leaving it), continually ride their 4-wheelers in our yard after we've asked them not to, etc. We have spoken to the parents and they don't seem to care.

    So - does the neighbor have rights to access the pond from the banks on our side? What do we do to protect ourselves? What do we do next - send certified letters, have the police come everytime there's a tresspasser, see a lawyer, etc.? thanks.

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    See a lawyer. Have her* write a letter to the neighbor stating a lawsuit will commence if the trespassing continues either by the neighbors or their guests (or him )

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