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    Who owns the key?


    I rent a condo with a deeded parking space which is blocked in by my neighbor who owns the adjoining condo. In order to aid in the moving of her car, our neighbor gave us a copy of her key and clicker (aka FOB) to move her car when we need to get out.

    My roommate and I lost her key, and after a week decided we would have to replace it. So we took her car to the dealership and paid $300 dollars to replace the key and clicker. A month later, we found the original spare key.

    My question is, now that we are moving out, who is the owner of the $300 key and clicker? We would like to keep the clicker and give the neighbor her key back, because, while we can't re-cut the key, we can reprogram the clicker to our own car which is a similar model. Can we keep the clicker? Or does she have some right to it because it is programed to her vehicle?


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    Your bailment was for a key and fob and that is all that need be returned to her.

    That you have another way into her vehicle is a little disturbing, but I'd just tell her about it and let her know you will be reprogramming it. As to if the information/data on the fob is improperly obtained and you have to clear it off if demanded is a difficult question of which I have no idea. But, the fob belongs to you.

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