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    Complaint: online order from Kohls.com canceled


    Instead of heading out to face the Black Friday crowds, I stayed late up on Thursday night and placed a rather large order on Kohls.com, to the tune of about $500. Color me happy, since EVERYTHING that was in their flier was available on their site! I got my order confirmation, and went to bed, happy that I'd made such a big dent in my Christmas shopping. I also was entitled to ~$100 in "Kohl's Cash" to spend later in the month based on the amount of my order.

    I woke up on Friday morning well rested, and got online to locate a store to go looking for one more gift. Before doing so, I happened to check my email. I'd gotten *two* order cancellation notices from Kohl's, with "Order Review" given as the reason. Of course, by this time, all of the items I'd wanted were out of stock.

    I called the number given in the email to see WHY they canceled my order. After talking to two different people, the customer service rep finally figured out that it was because I was trying to send it to my office instead of my home address. I've never had any problem shipping to my office before -- it sure beats having the box left out on my front stoop or trying to pick up the package from UPS/FedEx, etc. This was my first order from Kohls.com, however. I'd given them my valid cell phone number, and went through the trouble of adding my work address to my "wallet" on their site.

    Obviously, the whole problem could have been avoided with one simple phone call -- it was a valid purchase made by me, the holder of the card. However, since they did this all at 6:30 AM on Friday, they didn't call, they just canceled my order.

    I was unable to talk to the supervisor of the person I talked to on Friday, as by the end of the call, she was getting quite snippy. She promised that a manager/supervisor would get back to me, but as of 4 PM on Monday, not a single person has called.

    I see now that SOME of the items were back in stock as of Sunday night, but for twice as much as they were during the sale.

    What, if any, recourse do I have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by raynbow View Post
    What, if any, recourse do I have?
    Pretty simple. Don't ever shop there again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tranquility
    Once you get to crazy land, it is only a guess on how to get out.
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