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    Petition to transfer title

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? PA
    I bought a car a couple of months ago on ebay (in NJ). The seller had signed the title but there was a car dealer name in the buyer section. I have recently fixed the car and was ready to transfer the title to my name. Well can`t do it because of name in buyers section. I have tried to contact the seller to get a duplicate title then transfer to me but he has moved and no one knows where. Tried yellow pages, online and a letter. Can`t find him. Also the dealer in the buyer section can`t be tracked. I went to court of common pleas in PA to the prothonatary and was told to file a petition. I know how to lay it out because I did it for my divorce. I was wondering what I was suppose to write on the petition and what to request. How much does this usually cost (to file $115, any additional?) Beside the title, what else will I need? Is this the best way to get the title?

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    Why on earth did you take a title that wasn't made out to you?
    And the first thing I do with titles is take them down to get one issued with my name, that way I know when I can still find the seller if there was a problem.

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    Well I got a $4000.00 cadillac sts for $800 which I figured I could part out and make good money. Turns out seller didn`t know what was really wrong with it and it was a cheap fix. Now because everything is in such excellent condition I would rather keep it. Now I can no longer contact him (tried everything and everywhere) I was told by dmv to go to court to petition a title transfer. Its almost like titling an abanded car. I just never had to do this before and I`m trying to keep costs down by doing it myself. Any been thru anything similar?

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