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    Sales Tax On A Us Postage Stamp?

    What is the name of your state? NC


    I am new here, and wasnt sure which forum to post this, but here goes! Ii recently purchased a 41 cent US postage stamp at a local gas station/mini mart. I was charged 45 cents instead of 41 cents for the stamp. Is it legal to charge more than the face value of a US postage stamp? Can a tax be placed on a US postage stamp???

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    NC law does not specifically exclude postage stamps from sales tax if sold by a secondary retailer. Federal law does specify that the USPS cannot be forced to charge sales tax on postage or postage stamps. By your stamps from a post office if you don't want to pay sales tax.

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    thank you for the info. i usually do buy my stamps from USPS. i just was in need of one stamp, late in the evening, and it seemed odd that i was charged .45 for a US postage stamp!...bob

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    And there is no federal law requiring that a postage stamp be sold for only its face value. If there were, that would put a damper on the collector market for stamps...

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    I think the cashier may have simply not known not to charge tax. When I was younger and worked retail one of my first jobs was at a convenience store. I charged tax on a stamp unknowningly and the customer got upset. I got my manager who told me no...we were not allowed to charge tax on stamps. I would simply ask the manager of that station. I bet it was a simple mistake.

    The PO does charge more than face value on certain stamps at times. Like for the breast cancer awareness stamps and the extra goes to the charity/fund.

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