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    Exclamation Alcohol urine testing

    What is the name of your state? WI

    Does anyone know what alcohol urine test (UA or EiG)is generally used for people on probation in WI?

    Also, how the consumption of nyquil, 'alcohol'free wine or O'douls effect results in used w/in 15-36 hrs of testing? Especially w/ the EiG test. will it ndicate 'positive' alcohol consumption?
    Thank you.

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    Alcohol free wine and o'douls will not affect an alcohol test as they either have no alcohol, or have trace amounts.

    Nyquil on the other hand does have alcohol in it, and you can get a DUI for driving after taking a prohibitive amount of Nyquil, because you were under its influence. A standard adult dose of Nyquil is 30ml, or just over 1 fl oz. It is 10% alcohol by volume. It is effectively drinking one fifth of a glass of wine, and it might register on a BAC test. After 15 hours you should have processed all of that though, leaving you with a BAC of 0.0

    I'm going to take a guess and say that you're on probation and registered above a 0 and are now trying to find a loophole or something. Sorry, none here.

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