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    steph1221 Guest

    arrested for drugs not on me

    What is the name of your state? fl how can someone get arrested for drugs found in a car that was not his he was not in the car just leaning in it the cop said that he saw him snort something so that gave him the right to search the car then found some cocaine he said it was 12.3 grams which it was not probably around a quarter of a gram he told him it was not his he didnt do that but the cop said he saw it so he was arrested he went and got a drug test after he got out of jail came back neg. the only problem is he has felony arrests before so know he thinks after being clean for 2 years it doesnt matter they will look at his record and think he is lying does the police officer have to produce this evidence in order to have a case or will they drop it because there is no where near the amount of cocaine they say there is he showed it to me and the other person

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    Yes the police officer has to produce the evidence to have a case. You don't have to have drugs on you to be charged with possession, you just have to have control over them. If the cop says he saw you snorting and you are currently in control of the car in which cocaine is found, the jury could reasonably find that you possessed the drugs. A drug test only proves whether you have drugs in your system, not whether you have drugs in the car.

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    steph1221 Guest
    thanks for the info now what if the car is not his he was just going in the car to get a pack of cigs. i know the drugs are not his and the car is not his also if they dont produce the evidence will they drop the case or will they find something else

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    steph1221 Guest
    also i know the drug test is only for in your system but he searched the car based on him watching him snort something which gave hime the right to search the car the test proves he didnt snort anything

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    Big Bubba Guest
    Originally posted by steph1221
    the test proves he didnt snort anything
    Ever snort lemon juice? You put some on the hood of the car and suck it up your nose with a straw. It looks like you did some really ass kicking stuff, and your head explodes LEMON!

    See you when you get here.

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    coosi Guest

    YUK! I think that lemon juice affected your brain. You still haven't "fixed it". Did you find the misteek yet?

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    Big Bubba Guest
    Snorting lemon juice is a trip but I ain't stupid enough to fix it.

    And yes, you do have a misteek, that I would like to find.

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