My mother in law is a diagnosed paranoid skitzo. that has the mental level of say a teenager. She receives social security benefits for this. The one thing I can say is she's really good with young children. She babysits for a little girl that is 2 for a measly $35 a week. Her friends have tried to convince her that she can lose her benefits from SSI if they found out. I'm not promoting her not telling SS but I thought(and this is why I'm here asking) that she could bring in a small amount of income. I would hate to see her stop babysitting this child for it give the woman something to do with her time and in actuality helps her maintain her sanity better. This amount to a total of $150 a month. If she were to tell SS would she lose benefits(she can't afford her meds without it)?? The mother pays her cash so there's no paper trail but her friends are pressuring her to stop babysitting.