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    blank999 Guest

    cleaning service stealing meds

    What is the name of your state? GA
    I need to know how to proceed from here:

    I've used a cleaning service for the last 2 years with the same people cleaning each time. No problems.

    Over the month of April I noticed that l) controlled medications were missing. 2) several bottles were replaced with generic Tylenol.
    I have truly tried to pin this on a neighbor, etc. But the only thing that matches is the cleaning service access. Plus, I believe they have duplicated my house key and came to my home when unscheduled. I've had several talks with the owner of the company but of course he's about ready to drop it. I have no proof, but I'm sure they did it.

    Is there ANY recourse I have for prosecution? Do I just chalk this up to experience? Now I've locked up my meds in a safe.

    Also, I live alone and no one else has been in the area that I keep the meds! What a low, dirty trick. Meds are expensive! Should I at least request that the company reimburse me for med cost and change of locks?

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    1. "I have no proof, but I'm sure they did it."

    2. "Should I at least request that the company reimburse me for med cost and change of locks?"

    Why do you think they will pay you any money?

    go to your local radio shack or other type of electronic store and ask for a cheap motion-activated security camera. Set it up in your house, hidden of course, and see what you tape.

    Finally, change your cleaning service and see if the thefts stop.

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    hmmbrdzz Guest
    What do you mean you have "truly tried to pin it on a neighbor, etc." ? Is the neighbor a friend or someone you think broke into your home? If you have Rx drugs and are entrusting people into your home (and don't know what they're doing while they're in your home), your drugs need to be locked up somewhere where no one can get to them. The cleaning crew supervisor will deny it to the bitter end (to bend to your request would be an admission of guilt on behalf of an employee). You can certainly go the camera route, but I think you also need to be a lot more careful about who you give your house key to and who you're allowing into your house. Cleaning crews get in your "personal space", and you simply can't trust those you don't know, and you should be real careful about the ones you do know!


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    blank999 Guest
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Legally speaking, I guess it's dumb to think that I have any recourse if I have no proof.
    I have a neighbor who has had a prescr. drug addiction (now in recovery) who had been in my kitchen when I first noticed the switched pills. But the same little trick was pulled in my upstairs bedroom.
    This was obviously a planned event and the maids are the only people I know of with my key. They've been confronted by the owner; so if I ever had them back I doubt I would catch them stealing via camera watch.
    I guess the bottom line is: don't allow people access.

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