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    Cool Court Ordered Rehab?

    What is the name of your state? North Carolina

    Ok, I didnt really know where this falls under but here goes.

    I have been dating a guy for 2 years and I have recently talked to his parents about his Drug and Alcohol Abuse. He is also a cocaine dealer. He will not admit he has a problem so there is NO WAY he is going to go to rehab. His parents want him to go ASAP. Is there any way that his parents can get him court ordered rehab even though he is 20 years old? He had a DUI ( he only blew a .02 but he was underage), and a obtaining alcohol underage charge but they were both recently dismissed in court. Is there any possible way of getting court ordered rehab considering he is an adult and has no current charges?

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    in my own experience

    state: oregon

    I am a recovering addict from meth and I am 21 years old. When my parents asked me if I was doing it I knew that they would make me show it to them and flush it. So before they got to my apartment I put a little bit in a baggy and flushed it to make them happy without any intention of actually quitting. My point is this:

    Unless the addict wants to quit by their own choice, they won't. Making them go to rehab, especially involving the courts, is just going to make them more angry and put a bigger gap between them and their family/non-using friends. You have to let them decide on their own, whether it happen in a week or 2 years. If somehow they are made to go to rehab, they will either pretend to want to be there or not pretend and when they leave will go back to old habits. Plus I know in oregon you can leave rehab whenever you want even if it is court ordered. if it's court ordered you will just have to do the other option: jail time.

    Plus if you put that "addict" name on that person they will resent you for the rest of their lives. Involving the courts will only put them on the police radars for a long time and it will prevent them from getting some jobs (with the drug record). It's not a good idea and it won't help things only make them worse.

    I decided on my own to go to rehab and I am doing good because I CHOSE MYSELF to be clean. Drug addiction is a serious issue and a person in that state's mind is sufficiently different than yours, so unless you have been an addict you cannot understand. Rehab ONLY HELPS PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CHANGE.

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