What is the name of your state? VA

I need some help in determining what charges I can file in VA for the following:

Angry Neighbor walks past no trespassing sign and walks over 175 feet on to our property to confront my husband about his "precieved" speeding of my husband past him. He was asked by the property owner (my husband) to get off our property up to 5 times. Meanwhile I call police. He refused to leave. He attempted to get my husband to assault him by saying things like "make me leave", "are you going to make me leave", and got right in his face gesturing to hit him saying "here I am, make me leave". He also called my husband names. My husband had the good sense not to touch the man and he finally left before the police arrived. The police made out a report and went by to see the man. The police have told us to file a warrant with the magistrate to summon the man to court. My question is...

What charges can be made in Virginia for this incident? Obviously, trespassing as there were signs posted and oral requests made by the property owner yet he refused to leave. Is there any sort of harassment or intent to intimidate, insult or annoy another person in addition to the trespass charge. He was inciting a fight.

Thank you.