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    Cruelty to Livestock

    What is the name of your state? South Carolina

    I have a problem with a neighbor and his children, shooting BB guns at livestock. This is causing the animals distress, and in one instance, a calf was shot in the eyes, causing blindness. We have been unable to get any local authority to do anything regarding this cruelty, and were wondering what evidence we would need, so we can contact someone in authority that will do something to stop this. We have attempted to discuss this with the people involved but they deny responsibility.

    We have witnessed the children in the yard with BB guns pointed at the cows in the field, and have once had shots from a rifle fired over our heads by the father when we were in the back pasture, and shot a handgun to scare deer off crops.

    We do not know how to proceed or who to contact regarding this, and would appreciate any advise that can be offered.

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    The police and local SPCA would be the first step.

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    Tried that

    We tried the local humane society - they are reluctant to get involved.
    Game Warden has seen the child shooting his BB in the direction of the cows - but says he can't do anything.
    I need to know what proof we need to compile, and if we need to sign around the property boundary's (facing the house) with signs - no shooting - no trespassing etc.

    It seems noone in our little town wants to get involved, and in the meantime it continues. My husband and I now have a vested interest in this, as we have our own horse in these fields, and do not want her shot at by children with irresponsible parents.

    My husband has seen the little boy shoot their own pet cat with his BB gun, and the parents just stood there.

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    Child Protection Services

    There are two rules for success:

    (1) Never tell everything you know.
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    South Carolina statute section 47-1-10-210 deals with cruelty to animals. The ill treatment of or infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering on any animal is a misdemeanor, with possible jail time up to 60 days and/or fines of $100-$500 for a first offense, with greater jail time and fines for subsequent convictions.

    In addition, the statute also has a felony provision for torture, tormenting, needless mutilation, cruel killing or infliction of excessive or repeated unnecessary pain of any animal, which can lead to imprisonment from 180 days to 5 years, and fines of $5000.

    I would contact a lawyer and have the lawyer draft a cease-and-desist letter to the parents of these children, outlining the penalties for cruelty to animals. The threat of being taken to court on cruelty charges may scare them enough to take away the BB guns from their children.

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