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    Defining "Stricken" in Legal Terms

    What is the name of your state? IL

    was recently invovlved in a aggravated battery felony case in IL and here was the outcome.

    "On motion of the State this Cause is ordered dismissed and stricken. Bond of the Defendant discharged. Representation the People will be filing a traffic charge in this matter."

    Does this mean that case is dismissed and automatically expunged?

    So I dont have to file any paperwork to have it expunged myself ?

    And does this mean that my bond is being released?

    And also how can i get a official document from the court showing the outcome of this case so I can provide my school/employet

    How long Does the State have to file these traffic charges from the date of the dismissal?

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    Yes, the case is dismisssed. Get the case file at the courthouse and have the clerk make a certified copy of the dismissal order.

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    By the way they used 'stricken' does that mean that the case is automatically expunged?

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    "By the way they used 'stricken' does that mean that the case is automatically expunged?"
    *** Probably. But to make sure, you (or your attorney) should ask the court to clarify its intent and use of the word.

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