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    Faking your death

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? My state is Texas, but this is a question for all 50 states. This is actually a two part question. Is it illegal to fake your own death? I have no desire to fake my own death, I am just curious what the ramifications are if any. My brother is a police Sergeant and I asked him this same question.

    What I was told what that it was not illegal to fake your own death if no one is being victimized. IE, running from child support, making a financial gain (sales insurance fraud) or trying to escape creditors.

    He said that if you want to just "die" and live your life as someone else in another state or country, as long as no one is being victimized it is perfectly legal.

    The second question is if you do fake your own death, do you have to report it to the authorities? If you have "died" there will no doubt be some sort of investigation. If this "death" is not reported to be a hoax, will you serve jail time or have some legal fees to pay? what if you do not tell authorities and you are found, what will happen to you? I guess this was a 3 party question.

    I am actually writing a thesis for debate in my history class.

    Thanks so much!


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    If you are "missing" for so long, it is possible a person can have you declared "legally dead", and this may cause legal problems. Would this be the case here?

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    You are allowed to change your name as long as it isn't an attempt to avoid legal issues.

    However, to "start over" with a new identity by pretending your old identity is dead would be illegal.

    At the very least, you would be committing a crime the first time you presented your "new" id... because it is not YOUR id.

    Everytime you identified yourself in a legal manner... job application, W2 form, Social Security number... you would be committing an illegal act.

    Ask your brother, the police officer, what the penalty is for presenting a false id to law enforcement.

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    Faking your death is not illegal, it is the surrounding things which may be. Many actors fake their own death in films and in plays.

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