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    DaisyMae Guest


    IS it or is it not a federal offense to mess with someones mail box and/or mail?

    Yesterday, I caught my mailman shaking my mailbox, like he was attempting to uproot it. He was shaking it HARD and swaying it back and forth... When he saw me watching him, he left. Today, my mailbox is laying on the ground.

    Add to this insident that probably 3x a week, he wont pick up my out going mail, I wont get any mail for 3 days then BAM I have a mail box full and judging by the post marks on the envelopes I should have had this mail days ago. I think he's holding my mail until its convenient for him to deliver it.

    We are the only house on our street and he has to drive a mile to our house from the adjoining road on his route.

    Am I not entitled to postal mail delivery???

    Or is postal mail delivery a luxury?

    BTW...we used to pick our mail up at the post office, until the post office complained that it was taking up too much space and THEY ASKED us to put up a mailbox for delivery.

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    Unhappy-maximus Guest


    Call the delivery supervisor with specifics and follow it to the postal inspector by regular mail (register it) and watch what happens. I would bet dollars to donuts that he WILL deliver your mail. It is not a luxury and they take every comment as it is vitally important. It is federal and your delivery driver will regret the day he bothered you or did not deliver your mail. Better yet, if you really want to caputure him, write a letter to yourself, certify and register it and see how long it takes for you to get it. Use this as evidence. Do you have a video camera? Film his actions. You will get better service.

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