I live in Wisconsin and have a question about felonies. Someone was charged with a class H felony for Misappropriate ID-Obtain Money (3 counts). They were offered a deal to settle. The Assist. DA will go along with the reccomendation of the PSI. There is NO prior record (except a speeding ticket at 16 that was removed from the record after 7-8ish years.) The Asist. DA is not willing to lower the charges to misdimenor (lol spelling?). So, he will be charged with a felony and probably get probation and restitution (figures the DA & Public Defender). I am trying to figure this out and heard that felonies can be removed from one's record after a certain amount of time if they do not have any police contact or citations of any kind. This person JUST graduated from college and the charges are from a year ago but just coming to an end this summer. It really is too bad that a felony will have to be listed FOREVER especially with job applications coming up. Is it possible to have it removed eventually? How does one get this to happen? Can it be set up that way even after they agree to the plea deal? STRESSFUL!!!!! Thanks for any help!