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    rae07 Guest

    Question felony warrant for bad check in VIRGINIA

    Hello. I am a 37 yr old female in Virginia and I recieved a warrant for a check returned from Walmart this week. The check was $311.00 and has been paid along with the return fees. I went to the sheriffs office on my own to find out it is a FELONY becasue of the amount of the check!I got FINGERPRINTED and so forth, met with the magistrate who was more than considerate. I am more naive thatn I realized. I have no violations in any state regarding ANYTHING illegal and this was NOT INTENTIONAL and my checking account has been closed due to NSF electronically and paper. I was told that in a month perhaps I could re-open it. (I pray)I am on a great deal of medications and have considerable problems meeting all my bill deadlines but HAVE NEVER passed a bad check without thinking the funds were not available. I am trying to straighten out other ones that came back BEFORE they get to the warrant stage! I honestly just got behind as well as just mass confusion with my bookeeping. I GO TO COURT Tuesday (yes, day after tomorrow). I AM PETRIFIED. I am going alone and I suppose will have to speak for myself. I have no previous offenses of any kind. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME? Any suggestion or info would be helpful. A rep from Walmart is summons to be there also - will they proceed with CRIMINAL charges since it is paid and I have my reciept to show it? WILL I BE ABLE TO LEAVE OF MY OWN ACCORD IF A FINE IS IMPOSED?AM I GOING TO JAIL? I have no cash on hand and am petrified at what will happen and sorry I am so naive in the ways of the law. PLEASE HELP! Thank you. Rae in Va. (sorry so long)

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    Humble Warrior Guest
    Your not going to jail!!!!
    Since you already paid the check and fees,I doubt Wal-Mart will press charges. it wouldnt do them any good.
    The absolute worst you can expect is a fine. You can make payment arangement for the fine right there on the spot,and go home. Your NOT going to jail.

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    rae07 Guest

    Thank you

    No one had responded to my post and the arraignment coming up in the morning. THANK YOU so much for the words. I will go with at least a little confidence now. THANK YOU.

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