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Thread: No Contest

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    TickledPink Guest

    Question No Contest

    What does it mean when someone pleads "No Contest"? Can you plead No Contest after you have already plead not guilty and your case is set to go to trial? Thank you.
    I'm in Indiana.

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    Pleading "no contest" is the same as pleading "nolo contendere." It is treated for most purposes the same as a guilty plea. Generally a person will plead guilty or no contest as part of a plea bargain.

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    talianna Guest
    I may be wrong, but I don't think you can plea no contest in Indiana. Or at least a couple of years ago you couldn't, unless they've changed it. Only guilty or not guilty were allowable when I was taking my constitutional law class.

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    dankk Guest
    No contest usally means yeah i did most of it, but i cant plead gulity (becuse i'm not fully guilty) or not guilty becuase i cannot afford to pay for my defense to save a fraction of the penalty imposed.

    Also you are right it is usually associated with a plea bargain.

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