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To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in reference to Anthony Mills (68436), an inmate at Huerfano County Correctional Center in Walsenburg Colorado. Mills had started a five-year parole sentence in August of 2002, but was revoked for the remainder of this sentence in March of 2003! He went to Trinidad until January of 2004, and then to D.O.C. ComCor until August 03 2004. March 03, 2004 he saw the Parole Board and they sent him back for a year. He was then kicked out of community for a hot U-A for marijuana, however the results of the Toxicology report showed that there was no T-H-C detected!
Mills filed an appeal on September 17, 2004 on the grounds of no THC detected! Also on the violation of his due process of appeal, his P.O. failed to have him sign or date it! So we are going on the pretense of not being hot for his UA, and no due process! Shouldn't this be enough for reinstatement of "all privileges," at least ComCor again or ISP?
I'm not sure if he falls under "H-B-257" which is a 180 day turn around for technical violators. And that is all that this was, just a technical violation! So why four years and three months for a loss of residency and three week absconding? It seems a little much for a non-violent offender on a victimless crime, don't you think?
On January 27, 2005 Ms. Mooreland (his case manager) at HCCC informed him of his appeal (14-182) that was overturned on November 1, 2004. It took 90 days for him to sign his appeal. Why so long for him to get a response, isn't it 30 days? At that time she put in his expungement order and was told by Ms. Mooreland "Lets just wait to put you in for community" to see what happens at parole board on March 21, 2005.
Now we get to where we're at now while sitting in HCCC still waiting to be placed at least in community or ISP. On March 31, 2005 Mr. Mills went to work (he does electrical work at the jail for .60 a day). Shortly there after they came and got him, and took him into segregation. On April 13, 2005 they (Huerfano) AD Segreated. On March 16, 2005 they said, "inmate Mills 68436 conspired to send drugs into thier facility!" They said "a card came with a white powdery substance, which tested to be harowhen, and was addressed to Mills".
"Now why on gods green earth would I, 5 days before the parole board hearing, have drugs mailed to me? Exspecially when everything was looking in my favor for a sure parole?" Not to get in cause it susposibly was glued to the inside so when it was opened it would be seen!
It's an obivious set-up it was suppose to be found. Here is what I can say in my defense:
1)At No time on the phone do I ask for drugs to be sent to me
2) At no time do I explain how to send drugs to me
3) At no time do I make reference to drugs on phone
4) At no time do I conspire with outside sources to send me drugs
5) At no time do I conspire with outside sources to introduce drugs into HCCC/DOC facility on phone -via mail,homeing,pidgeon,or mind telepathy
6)At no time have I ever posed a threat to anyone staff-inmate-facility
7)At no time do I ever make the remark "I have not gotten the card. My words are "No I haven't gotten any of my cards or my letters in reference of my money orders.
8) What place does my drug history play into any of this,do I have a long history of conspiring to introduce drugs into HCCC
9)How can a mere case manager with no drug & alchol training or certificate for drug & alchol make a statement of me having a severe drug problem and she recommended Administrative Segregation
10) My 10 day rule was violated with no extension order I was served on the 12th day. No time line met
11) Why was I not given a UA if I have such a severe drug problem why no UA?
12) Why have I never been given an UA at Walsenburg
13) Factual Reporting who-what-where-how. Does not state who I conspired with to introduce drugs.Does not state what I conspire to introduce. Does not state where I introduce drugs into HCCC Does not state how I introduce drugs into HCCC
14) in 15 years of doing time I have never spent 1 day in segregation. The only punitive segregation I have done is community regress awaiting transport to DOC facility. Even then I was still in GP (general population)
15) I have been told by colorado parole board I am a model inmate.
So how with not even having 1 cell infraction nor 1 write up at HCCC, am I a threat to anything?
Please help we need to get these people out! They can't do these things to people and get away with it! It's just not fair!
If you could help or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is [email]ccfergie1977@adelphia.net[/email].
Thank you for your time

Anthony Mills 68436
Chief Karau
Bob Kurtz warden
many more...