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    recording conversations

    I am in michigan and am aware that michigan is an "all party consent" state for recording calls for everybody other than law enforcement or where criminal activity is afoot. My question is that in michigan it states that you cannot record/ eavesdrop on a "private call" what would be the definition in legal terms of a private conversation? and would this include such businesses as dte and banks even though they have a recording stating "this call my be monitored for quality and training purposes" i still have not given verbal or written consent and would this be a breach in the law in michigan or is it considered a private conversation according to the law.

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    When you talk to someone after you have been notified that it may be recorded, then that is legal.

    If that doesn't answer your question (whatever it was), then rephrase your question and make it clearer and plainer.

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    even if there is a recording michigan 750.539c Eavesdropping upon private conversation.
    Sec. 539c. states that there must be a verbal or written consent to record even with the recording of "this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes" if i don't give verbal consent that doesn't cut it because that would be an implied consent and not verbal or written correct? basically i just really need know what the legal definition of a private conversation is and whether or not talking to banks/mortgage companies/electric companies/phone companies would that be considered a private conversation. In my eyes my bills are private but i don't know if that would be legally considered a private conversation.

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    When you talk to these Companies, do you not hear at times, this call may be monitored for better customer service etc.

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    If a company says that the call may be recorded, that is your verbal warning. By staying on the line and talking, you are giving your consent to have the call recorded. If you want to discuss a private matter, when a person comes on the phone, simply ask to speak privately with someone. A private conversation would be any conversation you have where there is no notice by anyone that the call either is or may be recorded. In Michigan, eavesdropping would be if this private call was recorded anyway, by either one party to the conversation without notification, or by a third party.

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