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    Recording a priavte conversation Laws?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? I live in Kansas and go to school at a private school. The resident educator, which is like the manager of the dorm, had a private locked door conversation in my dorm room. I told him a bunch of information that normally I wouldn't have told anyone else I didn't know. I figured I could trust him considering he trusted me all year long. I was wrong. He recorded our private conversation without my consent. I have heard this is illegal but I'm not sure, I am a multi-media major or mass communications they changed the name of it. So I do know there are laws against recording. He used his Ipone 4S to record our entire conversation. What is the law and what damages can I seek?

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    A quick internet search indicates that Kansas is a "one party" state when it comes to recording conversations.
    One party to the conversation must have knowledge and give their consent to the recording of the conversation. In the most simple terms, this means that if you were having a conversation with another person and you "secretly" recorded that conversation, since "one party," (you) were aware that the recording was being done, no law was being violated.
    So it appears that it wasn't illegal for him to record the conversation. It doesn't make it any less invasive and creepy, though.

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    Damages? For what? What did he do with the recording?

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