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    Question Statute Of Limitations????

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Nevada
    It was 5 years ago that I was severely assaulted,
    the assualt occured in the state of Washington, which is not
    my current residence.
    The police were informed of the incident and came right after
    I had been assualted, they I saw that I was bloody,
    and asked me what happened, it just happens, that the
    person who assualted me came out with someone he knew,
    and came and talked to the police too.
    They asked me what happened, I told them who had assualted
    me, and the person admitted that he did so to the police.
    I did not choose to press charges at the time,
    can I still do so?
    What is the time limit on filing criminal charges?

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    It's too late now. Depending on how serious this assault was this could be a misdemeanor in which case the maximum statute of limitations would be two years. Even if this is a felony the maximum statute of limitations would be four years. This isn't one of the handful of crimes that has no statute of limitations.

    Check out Nevada Revised Statutes 171.085.
    [url=http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Nrs/NRS-171.html#NRS171Sec085]NRS: CHAPTER 171 - PROCEEDINGS TO COMMITMENT[/url]

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    Why would you want to press charges after 5 years anyway? This sounds fishy to me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakeblue View Post
    What is the time limit on filing criminal charges?
    YOU can't file criminal charges...

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