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    This is about a good friend. She is 26 and we live in the state of Connecticut. She is a teacher at a high school. 2 weeks ago a 16-year old student of hers showed up on her doorstep in tears, said he was having family problems and asked if they could talk. She let him in and talked with him about how his parent's divorce was destroying his family. As they were sitting on her couch talking, he leaned over to kiss her. She pulled back telling him that was inapropriate. This made him angry and he smacked her, and she screamed. He pulled out a knife and told her that if she didn't shut-up and do what he wanted he would kill her. He then proceeded to rape her on the couch. She was a virgin and he was rough so she bled quite a bit. This made him angry and he told her she was a dirty whore. He then forced her to preform oral sex on him. Afterwards he forced her to take a shower and scrubbed her telling her how dirty she was. Then he pulled her out of the shower and raped her again on her bed. He told her that if she told anyone what had happened he would say that they had a long-standing consenual sexual relationship and when he threatened to tell his parents they were sleeping together she cried rape. She hasn't told anyone but me and that took her two weeks. This kid has been calling her at home and she has to see him everyday at school. The emotional trauma that causes is beyond my imagination...not to mention she's terrified of him and that he'll try something again. What will happen if she reports this...does she have a legal foot-hold to stand on? Wouldn't you assume that if she reports the rape and he counters with his allegations...then she may very well lose her job? Can she get protection from him without reporting him and if she reports him is she just as likely to be burned at the stake? Any advice would be helpful...I really care about her and don't want to see her suffer...I also don't want to leave him free to destroy other lives. All we have is people saw her with bruises but no pictures...a little bit of blood on a couch cushion and her word. The kid has no priors...and pretty much stays out of trouble at school. We live in the state of Connecticut.

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    I am a law school graduate. What I offer is mere information, not to be construed as forming an attorney client relationship.

    Oh boy. Well, let me put it this way: all evidence is washed away and it has been two weeks. They can attempt a pap smear to see if there are ANY traces of semen but guess what? Even if they did, it would still be his heard versus hers.

    Does she have ANY evidence of the rape? Torn clothes, neighbors hearing her screams?

    I completely understand the situation of rape and understand the trauma a woman goes through. But unless she wants to jeopardize her teaching career, the best bet is to just get some counseling.

    Unfortunately, this kid was smart enough, as you say, to get rid of everything. If she would feel better speaking with a criminal law attorney, perhaps that might help. Maybe the lawyer can come up with other ways of getting solid proof.

    Did your friend have a boyfriend? Was she known as a virgin? Deeply religious? Did she have any priors? What was her rep at school and in the community? These and many more questions will be probed and looked into. IS she prepared to discuss all of this?

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    lawrat Guest
    Maybe subpoena the phone records from this guy's house. IF he never called her house before this rape and all of a sudden is calling, that might dispute his probable claim of a long standing consensual relationship?

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    FraZZleD38 Guest
    Even if this is illegal I would tape his calls. And try to get proof of his harrassments. If she has an answering maching don't answer it maybe he will leave a message and mess himself up. If she dosen't have one I would get one. At least people will believe her when it comes down to her word against his word. It probably won't be admissable in court but it will prove she is telling the truth to her lawyer.

    Just a suggestion, It's what I would do legal or
    And I am no lawyer. And yes it is illegal to tape record a phone conversation without telling the person you are doing it.


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    student17 Guest
    The situation really seems hopeless. All we have is torn underwear(he'll say she did it or he did in foreplay) and some blood on the couch cushion(doesn't prove virginity any more than menstration). She did have a boyfriend but they broke up two months ago...she told him she was a virgin...but they can't prove she didn't lie to him. We also have one taped answering machine message but all it says is "Hey it's Mark. I've been thinking about you all day. Maybe we can get together soon and you know. Remember our deal. Well, I'll call you later or maybe stop by." She is a devout Christian and has a good standing in both the school and community, But he's a starting lineback(high school football is practically a religion in our town and I've actually seen many players pass tests without taking them if you know what I mean) he has no priors and goes to church. She did get in trouble once...a DUI in college...but that was in another state before she was a serious christian and she doesn't drink anymore. Wheter or not either of them is proven guilty...I know our school board and they don't take chances...she will be asked to quietly resign...and she may possibly lose her teaching licence. I do believe, however, that the majority of the teachers will support her. Thanx for all your advice anything else would be helpful.

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    Actually FraZZleD38 the legality of recording a phone conversation is different from state to state. In some states it is legal to tape a phone conversation as long as 1 of the parties knows that it is being recorded. But it is illegal to tape conversations where all parties do not know they are being recorded.

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    Originally posted by MegaMan
    Yes I think I stated that at the last paragraph.But in different wording.

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