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    Terroristic Threatening 2nd degree

    Me and my ex are going through a custody case over our 2 year old daughters. In July, while visiting at a local public library, the ex attacked me while I was placing one of the girls in the car. I jumped back and told her not to touch me and immediately approached an on duty police officer in the front of the library. I notified him of what was going on and me and my mother left. While leaving we noticed that the police officer approached my ex speaking to her. Within a few minutes she called me, harrassing me, saying that the police officer said I shouldn't be allowed to talk to the girls or see them until the custody case came to fruition.

    I continued to call to speak with the girls until I found that there was a warrant in said county. I went and turned myself in. It turned out that my ex had immediately went to the police station and filed a terroristic threatening charge against me. She told the officers there that i had threatened to "knock her to the ground." I went for the first trial and signed the no contact order, and have not made ANY contact with her whatsoever.

    I have been using a voice recorder since day one and it is verry clear what happened during all of this. Currently, I have a lawyer for the custody case that is finally telling me that I need to seek counsel in the county this happened. My court date is for October 4th so I have very little time. What i would really like to know is first, how much more is this going to cost me? Why does my lawyer not have to be involved in this? And in the state of Arkansas, will I be allowed to use this recording? Also, what is the normal penalty for this situation? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your girlfriend did not charge you with anything. She made a statement and the officer or d.a. filed the charges. I suspect her allegations include more than just a threat of being knocked to the ground.
    Why would you sign the no contact order? Did your attorney advise you to do this?
    You need to be clear, did you plead guilty or just agree to the order?

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