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    vasap revocation

    So I have court tomorrow, which I plan on calling and hopefully rescheduling. It's in Virginia and I live in Colorado now. I completely forgot about it and can not make it. I was summoned to court for a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (vasap) revocation hearing. I was with friends in blacksburg va and was arrested for trespassing on church property ,we climbed a ladder to the top to look at downtown, and public intoxication. unfortunately i was the only one not intoxicated, but i was thrown in anyways. At the court date I payed restitution to the church, and had planned to dispute the public intoxication. The judge had forgot to bring it up in court, and decided to just throw it out provided I attended vasap. I was the only one out of the group of 6 to have to do this. Well i started my summer job which is strenuous and it slipped my mind to do vasap. Now i have this revocation hearing. I'm unsure how to handle this in court. Am I doomed?

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    You need a lawyer. Most likely you are going to now get your deferred charges reinstated, tried and convicted and sentenced (and judges are really disposed against leniency of people who screw with them like you did).

    You have court tomorrow? (Now today) and you are just trying to figure out what to do? The court expects when you are summonsed you APPEAR. Congratulations, I guarantee that there is will be a warrant out for your arrest by the end of the day. Court appearances are not just something you can call in sick for because you are too lazy to get to court.

    You need to call a lawyer in the county you are charged in IMMEDIATELY. He *MIGHT* be able to get you a continuance. You will most likely NOT be able to do so on your own.

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