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    Question I need a new DL, but have a warrant from 4yrs ago

    I have a warrant that I got about 4 years ago in texas, I currently live in another state...The warrant is for a MD charge for theft (from a friend).... I am not hiding, I haven't done ANYTHING wrong since then actually my life has improved...I did call the courthouse to find this out, they know where I am at..I have 2 questions..

    1.My drivers license are due for renewal in a couple of mths, they are texas DL...I need to get a DL in teh state I am in, will I be arrested if I go have them done at the DL place?

    2.How long are warrants good for, I mean its been almost 5 years..I know the warrant calls for like 500. and I would have to show up in TX but I really don't want to go back...Personal reasons

    BUt my main question is the DL, I NEED to get new ones, but I am really scared I will be arrested, do they run the TX DL thru before issuning me another states DL???


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    Unfortuntaely I can answer your question directly because I honestly don't know if that state runs warrant checks while issuing a new DL. What I do know is, heres what you can do.

    Using a service on the internet, (there are plenty for a reasonable cost), you can do a warrant check on yourself. After you've done the warrant check to see what and how many warrants exist and what state, city or county has issued them, you can find out if the warrant is extraditable. Warrants have specifications indicating just how far the state is willing to go to arrest you.

    For instance, if you have a warrant out of Texas for a minor crime such as theft (providing its not grand theft auto or anything) and thats your only charge pending, alot of times the warrant is only EXECUTABLE in the state of Texas or sometimes they will give boundaries, "the state of texas and surronding states". If you live in a totally different region of the country from where your warrant exists (and again, its a warrant relating to a minor crime) chances are its only executable in that state or that state plus surronding states. If you are "out of bounds" so to speak, when you get stopped by a police officer while driving and he runs a dl check on you, he will find the warrant but there is nothing he can do because it will state
    "extraditing from [sate] and [surronding states only]" meaning you will be on your way with no more harm than maybe embarassment of him knowing you're wanted back in your previous residing state.

    After you've found out whether or not the warrant can be served where you live now, your next step is to determine your EXACT crime, what the state of Texas refers to it as. After you do that, find out what the STATUTE of LIMITIATIONS are on the crime, and the warrant. Something like theft is probably 5-7 years, it all depends on the state. Each state has a "statute of limitations" code and they're all different.

    Good luck.

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