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    can a felon testify?

    What is the name of your state? Kansas

    I just found out that a federal indictment that came through a few weeks ago against me was based on the obvious false coerced testimony of a person that is a four time convicted felon, convicted drug addict and pathological liar that I have not had any contact with in at least 3 years. This testimony was before the Federal Grand Jury.

    Please help!

    This person was supposed to be serving a 10 yr. sentence, but has been released early after only serving 2 years, and I believe it was because of a deal he made in exchange for his falsified testimony.

    This has been a very corrupt case so nothing surprises me! Does anybody know what the law says about felons testifying?

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    Generally, the law says that anybody can testify so long as you or your lawyer can cross examine them. Your lawyer should know how to address this testimony.

    His felony conviction, incarceration and subsequent deal to get released might be used by your lawyer to impeach the truthfullness of the witness.

    Contact a lawyer immediately.

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    for the respose. I go back to court on monday to see if the judge is going to dismiss the case!

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    Just an update. The judge did dismiss the case. The evidence hearing revealed the prosecutor had no evidence.

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