What is the name of your state? Ohio. I live in a Hud apartment complex. There is a neighbor 3 doors down from me, that likes to start trouble with anyone they live beside. I am not the only one here complaining, there are at least 6 other neighbors that are having trouble with them. Examples: There has been a video camera pointed into my upstairs bedroom window and they have also taken pictures of my neighbors and I from inside thier apt. when we are sitting outside playing with our children.We all reported this in written complaints to our manager. The manager called an attorney and found out this is against the law and against hud rules but since it is not directly stated about use of a video camera in Hud rules and regulations all the manager did was give them a lease violation. Does this seem right to you?, cause it sure doesn;t seem right to all of us.Thanks to anyone that can help us!What is the name of your state?