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    Section 8 fraud in California question

    I have a relative who has been frauding the system for years claiming her 14 yr old son lives with her for section 8 as well as welfare and food stamps. Her son lives with grandparents 2 hours away and does not benefit by this whatsoever. The grandparents have not turned her in or done anything but try and get her to help out financially here and there (which she has done once or twice in the last 4 years).
    I am concerned deeply about turning her in even though I know it is the right thing to do. She is family. I wonder if anyone knows what will happen to her and if she would find out who turned her in. they say it is anonymous but I just cant take their written word on that.
    I also wonder if the state would step in and try to take her son from his grandparents? how does that work? right now the grandmother does not work and they live off of disability the grandfather receives from a knee surgery until he goes back to work in next couple of months. would they take him due to their financial status?
    thanks in advance for any advice on this!

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    You can report anonymously. Both HUD and the welfare department should be able to verify the child's actual residence through school records without needing your testimony.

    Here's the HUD hotline website: [url=http://www.hud.gov/offices/oig/hotline/]OIG Hotline - HUD[/url]. Here's one with instructions for reporting welfare fraud in CA: [url=http://www.dss.cahwnet.gov/fraud/PG269.htm]Reporting Welfare Fraud[/url].

    I wonder if anyone knows what will happen to her
    That's impossible to predict, but the child should be receiving the benefit of the subsidies that are currently being diverted by the mother. She would most likely be ordered to repay some of the benefits/subsidy.

    I also wonder if the state would step in and try to take her son from his grandparents?
    Unlikely as long as there is no abuse or neglect. The grandparents should be receiving the welfare benefits for the child.

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    Post Section 8 Fraud

    I have a similiar situation. I live below a lady who is on section 8 (relayed to me by landlord) and who has been living in the bldg for at least a decade, i've only been here about 2 years. Anyway, about a year ago, i noticed bamming on the walls, stomping on the floors at all times of the day and then i subsequently started noticing that I was being followed from room to room (including into thte bathroom & i could even hear someone bamming on the wall while i'm showering). How do i know this, you ask? Well, the bldg is an older one and you can literally hear pretty much everything in the apt above or below. Insulation is horrible to non-existent. Depending on how loud the person is talking, you can hear conversations pretty clearly. Not every word, but in some parts of the bedroom, it's like being right in the room with the person. No lie. Anyway, i started noticing the in apartment stalking and at first thought it was the lady living there. At this point, i had no idea she didn't live alone. She's older, probably in her late 50's, early 60's. I knew she didn't work and was home most of the time. Well, I made complaints to the landlord, who assured me the lady lived alone, and the landlord even made attempts to come over to my apt to see if she could hear what i heard; but i think b/c the upstairs neighbor knows i live alone, anytime she hears anyone else here besides me, she knows to be quiet. Anyway, long story short (not really)..I discovered that the stalking, bamming, and stomping was being done by a developmentally disabled young male that lives with the woman. The thing is, as far as I've been told, this lady is supposed to live alone, I also discovered the male's mother lives there too, along with another adult male. After months and months of complaining about the noise and the woman's seeming refusal to control the person. (i know she can do this b/c i've heard the youth's mother try to chastise him and tell him to stop stomping & the leasee will tell her, "leave him alone, he's not bothering her & if he is, what can she do or if she doesn't like it she can leave or move")..I ended up getting so pissed off by the woman's total lack of regard for my peace, that i filed a section 8 fraud complaint and of course, since I've now come to believe the upstairs neighbor is mentally disturbed herself, the noise, the stalking has escalated. She has even started doing it. Following me to the bathroom. I don't know what she expects to "hear" in the bathroom. But i've started calling the upstairs apt the 'halfway house'. The section 8 investigation is in progress, but WHO knows how long that will take. Also lately i've heard the upstairs neighbor say to others that the landlord knows and has always known the developmentally disabled youth lived there. Don't know how much of that is true, but i've also relayed that to section 8. I had my suspicions over the past year but had no proof except that some things that i relayed to her via email, the lady upstairs seemed to know about later. I gave her the benefit of the doubt but i wouldn't be surprised if she did know all along. Just wanted to vent. This situation is ridiculous. I am looking to move but i also want this woman brought to justice, as i believe she feels like she can do anything she wants w/o consequences. She has the nerve to make it seem as if i'm the perpetrator and she's the victim. A classic sociopath, i think. anyhoo, know this is long so thanks for reading.

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    Don't hijack other's threads, start your own.

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    Yes your reply was rude and snarky especially considering i've never posted here before and had no idea i needed to start another thread since the topics were simliar. You definitely need a refresher course in manners and tact. Or maybe you need your 1st course. And i wouldn't waste time trying to reply in private, you came at me publicly, so I'm returning the favor.

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    His response was not rude, simply factual informing you of the rules of this forum. Signature lines are not directed at you personally.

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    not rude

    I was original poster and am glad she told her story on my thread, good to hear I am not alone

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    Okay. Do not reply in September, 2010 to a post that was put on the forums in March, 2010. It's called necroposting. How likely is the original poster to be here to read what you wrote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hot Topic View Post
    Okay. Do not reply in September, 2010 to a post that was put on the forums in March, 2010. It's called necroposting. How likely is the original poster to be here to read what you wrote?
    HT, what you been drinking, and why didn't you invite. Proserpina, honey double that double you're pouring me. And while you're at it, if you're serving Hot Topic, stop ~ she's at her limit

    You did notice that the OP posted just before you, right

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