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    What happens if you lied in a deposition?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

    I'm located in Texas. I have a question referring to if an individual lies in a deposition for the benefit of another individual. Person (1) asks person (2) to lie for them. Person (2) does so under the threat of being physically hurt by person (1). Person (1) recieves a settlement outside of court by a 3rd party where the injury occured. If person (2) decides to go back to the company and testify that they lied for fear of being physically hurt, what will then happen? What will happen to person (1), person (2) and the money received from the settlement?

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    Person 2 should consult an attorney before doing anything further. Lying under oath is a crime.

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    1. Intimidation of a witness. This could be a felony.

    2. Perjury.

    The money would have to be returned.

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