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I have 2 quitclaim deeds that list me as the grantee of two properties after a marriage and divorce in California that need to be recorded in Maricopa county.

Since there was no money exchanged for the properties itself between us I believe there needs to be an exemption code listed on the quitclaim deed instead of filing the Affidavit of property value along with it. The lady at the recorders office said that if no money was exchange for the property then you don't need to record the form "Affidavit of Property Value" along with the quitclaims.

I don't know which exemption code needs to be included on my quitclaim deeds.

Is it ARS 11-1134 ("A5"), ("A7"), ("A4"), ("B1"), or ("B3") ????

I did see a recorded document similar to my situation as an example online with Maricopa recorders ofice that actually had listed two exemption codes (B3) and/or (A5) on the quitclaims.

My Ex Wife and I did come to a blanket settlement agreement worked out between our attorneys which later became a court order (Judgment entered July 18th 2006) for the divorce which inluded a small amount of money from me going to her.(around 5k). Part of this settlement agreeement also included her to quitclaim 2 properties in Maricopa county,Arizona to me. The 2 quitclaims still need to be recorded.

I can only guess which exemption code to use on the quitclaims. I have looked online at the recoders office in Maricopa county to see samples of similar recorded documents to get an idea. However I need to be sure the exemption codes are correct before recording the documents.

Are their any attorneys that know Arizona property law that can assist me? I would greatly appreciate it.

TedWhat is the name of your state?