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    I live in Georgia and my neighbor had a survey done two years ago. He then proceeded to place a fence on the property line, well, actually in most places it is on my side. I told him to move the fence off my property or I would. He refused so I started to take it down where it was on my property, he then called the police. So I left it alone for the time being. Now, we are going to have a survey and they won't be able to stake the property line because of his fence. Do you know if in Georgia, if one property owner can place a fence on a property line when the other property owner doesn't want it? And is there a law stating how far onto your own property the fence must be placed. If there is, what is the legal code and what does it state exactly? I have looked through the search engines but everything I come up with is so legally worded, I can't make heads or tails of it. Do I have legal recourse to make him move the fence ? Can I be arrested if he won't move it? And if there is a law, can I take him to court to move it or charge him rent for the land of mine he has his fence on and if so, how much? I am tired of this man and his wife and need some advice what to do. I sent him a notice giving him 7 days to move it, but we'll see if he does, which is doubtful.

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    The surveyors have a right to move it or break it if it is on your property in order to complete your survey. If the fence is on your property, you own the fence (at least the portion that is on your property). You can not be arrested for moving the fence on your property. You can go to court and force the neighbor to move it off of your property.

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