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    How can I remove Squatters

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? New Jersey

    My 92 year old grandmother was visited by my uncle and his wife, whom she hasn't seen in 35 years. They were staying at her house and will not leave. They began to pressure my grandmother to put the house in their names but she refused. She became worried and moved in with my mother, leaving them in the house. They changed the locks and everytime she goes there to try to get some of her belongings they call the police.
    We were told that we had to go to get a laywer to remove them, but she is eldery and on a fixed income. We were also told that this is a landlord/tenant issue but they have not paid rent nor is there any written agreement that they should pay rent or purchase the home. Is there any way that they can be removed legally without getting a lawyer?

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    they are tenant by law but without a lease they are month to month.

    Check the laws to find out how much time your grandmother needs to give them to leave before starting eviction stuff. Make sure the notice is writing(just telling them to their face is not going cut it) send it CR mail and after the time is up go down to the court house and fill out the needed paper to start the process to have the court evict them.

    This can be do without a lawyer but its safer with one.

    Your grandmother could check with some local landlord groups to find out how to do it right.

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    Yes your grandmother can use your help filing for the eviction without a lawyer.

    Its not that big of a deal if you just want to do it with her yourself (though I dont recomend it for this situation) You go to the civil courthouse located where the property is, you file a complaint with the clerk asking for the possesion of the house to be returned. Ask her if there are and legal clinics or pro bono lawyers available for the elderly. I'm sure she can get free to super low cost legal assisitance here.

    She can also get the fee's waived by asking the clerk for the request to do so.

    In court your grandmother will say they came for a visit, they stayed and took over the house. that they locked her out, and whatever else. No notice necessary, just an order for eviction.

    They are ordered out of the house, and then your grandmother can discover what they had stolen and call the police herself. (with your help, old people do need that support and assistance. )

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    Thanks. We are willing to try anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philsfan1 View Post
    Thanks. We are willing to try anything
    **A: is is a landlord tenant issue but it goes way beyond that involving elderly abuse, threats, etc. which is connected. Contact the state elderly affairs office so an investigation can be made to the AG office.

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    God grant me patience with know-it-alls

    Elder Abuse Hotline

    Google up "State Elder Abuse Hotlines".

    What they are doing is form of financial Elder Abuse.

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