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    Smile how to relinquish rights to a property

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Florida. I live in Florida and own a home there My name is the only name on the mortgage but my spouse is on the deed and the home owners and the homestead (not by my choice). I was wondering if there was a document which my spouse could sign which would give her no rights to this property in case of my death. This home was bought and is now paid for by my daughter and her husband. My spouse and I have no financial ties to this home we are just the names on the paper work because the childrens credit was not worthy to get a mortgage at the time of purchase. So please tell me if I can get my spouse to sign a document relinquishing her rights to this property? Is this called a quit claims deed? Thank you.

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    You need to consult a real estate attorney in your area. What you are asking to do can quickly deteriorate into a real mess unless it is done correctly.

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    I was just about to say what SJ said when I read SJ's post to you.

    You are moments away from being years away from the solution if you do not sort this out now, and an attorney is a must in this case, based on your post.

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