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    iamduc Guest

    Question national forest??

    Please help.. I am thinking of buyin some land which is bordered by Arkansas National Forest on all four sides. My question is do they have to give me access to this land?? Any iformation would be appreciated

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    No since it is not your land.

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    iamduc Guest
    meaning that if i buy that land ,then would they ???

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    The Arkansas National Forest is not for sale.

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    iamduc Guest
    Mr. GURU .. did you read the question that was originally asked ,,ya know the part about the land being bordered on all four sides (by national forest) which means that the land that i am trying to buy is NOT National Forest......Thanks for tryin to help .. oh and by the way is it possible for this land to be landlocked??

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    radeck Guest
    Seriously, see an attorney to get an answer your questions.
    Once HG's "answered" you, he's usually finished.
    Although you'd be foolish to place much stock in his "advice", here's what he told wclogg001 a day or 2 ago:

    wclogg001: i bought 40 acres of hunting property 3 years ago with no legal access to the property. the property is surrounded on 3 sides by michigan state forest and on one side by a private owner. the private owner will not return my letters of inquiry. i don't know if he has legal access or not. i discussed obtaining easement with a local michigan department of natural resources person who said i would be denied the easement if i went through the trouble of formally applying (which costs $300 to apply).

    some realtors have advised me that the state has to give me the easement if i can't obtain one from the private landowner. is this true?

    HomeGuru: Not in most cases. You need to hire an attorney to help you.

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    egmathey Guest

    I am a resident of Indiana and bought the land I live on in 1985 and it is landlocked (surrounded on all four sides by private property owners, not state or national forest). I have access to my home by private drive that crosses one of theese property owners. I do not have an easement on paper for ingress and egress.
    I do have the right to get to my home by what is referred to in this state as "adverse possession". It means (I think) that if a landowner has been allowed to cross someones property to get to his land and has done so for a specified number of years, without any long periods of time that he did not use this access, he cannot be denied access and will continue to have that right as long as he regularly uses that route to his land.
    I am sure that a lawyer can inform you of all the rights of property ownership and can suggest if this land is truly landlocked and therefore totally useless to own. I suspect that this is true since it is surrounded on all four sides by forest. You could do a search of the records in the county courthouse and see if anyone has ever granted an easement to that land and if this easement is still valid.

    I wish I could be of more help but I know very little about the law but am expanding my knowledge.

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