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    Question squatter's rights or adverse possession

    What is the name of your state? New York

    Could someone tell me if New York State has a "squatter's rights, adverse possession or grandfather's law" pertaining to property?? There is a (as we all call it) driveway along the back of 5 properties that is a block long. It abuts all the properties backyards. Everyone uses it to park their cars. This has been listed as a right of way since the first deed and survey was done back in 1873. Now we have some guy stating since he now owns a building that abuts the driveway and part of the driveway, he is going to block it off. Everyone who has used it has taken care if it. From keeping the holes filled to plowing it out in the winter. This guy hasn't owned the property for very long. Do we have any say in this matter?? We do have Code Enforcement working with us but this guy thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants. (The oldest person still living here is 79 and has used that driveway for over 60 years.)

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    Is what you have more like a private alley ? no matter wich way all of you go see a lawyer If your not able to get much assistance from city .

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    The guy cannot block it off because it is a legal right of way in favor of all the owners that use it for ingress/egress.

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