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    print1956 Guest
    i need to know Tennesse state laws concerning privately owned ingress egress easements.

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    pinenedle1 Guest
    There are many different types of easements and ways to aquire and lose them. Go to your public library, and look up books on real estate law, and find the sections that pertain to easements, and search for the situation that is close to what you are facing. The only other alternative is to hire an attorney. If you are having a dispute with a neighbor over an easement, ingress/egress (enter/exit)try buy or sell the strip of land in question. Hiring an attorney can be very costly. If you can work things out with the neighbor, or whom ever, then be sure file all the documents through the county recorder in your county, so that the easements are of legal record. Also contact one of your local title companies, and tell them what your needs are, they can be very helpful, and the cost is minimal. start your research. Good luck.

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