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    Unhappy Is there a limitation for suing for non-disclosure of an existing problem house?

    What is the name of your state? MARYLAND

    We purchased a home in February 2007. In May of 2008, we discovered the house we bought had had a major fire in it which burned down the entire second floor. This was not disclosed on any forms when we bought the house, although a few other things (unrelated) were disclosed.

    When renovating the house last year, we noticed there was some water damage on the upstairs plywood flooring. This was not seen during the home inspection because it was carpeted and not obvious.

    Is there a statue of limitations on possibly suing the previous owner for the cost of replacing that ply wood floor (and paying for taking up the new carpet and replacing) since it was damaged and does not properly hold the screws we put in to keep the boards down? The floor squeaks a lot now, and this is result of the floor having all the water on it from when the fire was put out. Also, the house was offline for 6 months, and most likely rained on.

    Thanks for your help!
    Eli R

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    I would suspect you're well within the statute of limitations. I'm too tired to look it up (you could do it yourself with a little googling), but it's typically at least 3 years. Do you have an estimate for the replacement of the subflooring. If it can be done within the limits of small claims court, that may be your best option.

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