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    Exclamation Time Limit On Lien???

    What is the name of your state? Georgia,
    I need to know how long a person has to take you to court after a lien has been put on your house? Our builder had a lien out on our house a year ago and still has not taken any action against us. This builder walked out on the job and left us with a half-built house. We had to borrow more money on the construction loan to get it finished. A few months later, the builder came back and said that we owed him money! We do not owe him anything. However, he put a lien on our house and we had to get a bond to override the lien. That has been a year ago. We sold the house we were living in before we finished this house and we were not able to get any of the money from the sale of the house because of the lien! The bank has it in an account for us until all this mess is settled, but when will it be settled? The lawyer we have is crappy and never returns our calls!!! We need help! We can't afford to pay another lawyer. We need that money from the bank. What can we do?????

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    He's probably not going to take you to court. He already has the lien, which means when you sell you have to pay.

    You're the one that's going to need to initiate action in court to get the lien removed.


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    So, are you saying that this guy can keep a lien on our house forever unless we take him to court? I thought that there was a time limit on how long he could do this? The only reason why he put a lien on our house was for pure spite. His OWN LAWYER told him that if he took us court about this, he would lose his shirt because we have too much evidence against him. At least, that is what his lawyer told our lawyer. The builder knows that by keeping the lien, he is keeping us from getting our money, refinancing our house, or even selling the house! Yes, we have been told that we cannot sell the house while there is a lien pending. Therefore, how can he ever get any money from us if we can't sell the house in the first place? I just don't understand how he can keep a lien on the house forever and not take any action against us??? If he takes us to court, I know we will win. That is why he hasn't. BUT, it seems that he should either have to do something or get off the pot?!?

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