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    Wife dies, House is in her name, how/when does title change to Husband (in CA)

    What is the name of your state? California
    When we bought our house, we used Wife's name only. But Wife suddenly dies before Husband can add name to title. All payments have been and are still being made from joint account to the house loan people (Husband writes all of them and He and Wife have been both working).

    Question: When does title change to that of Husband, as therre is no will and there is one 14-yr old son; all have lived together in same place.
    I do not know how"automatic" this is or, as long as everyone gets paid, does it really need to change?

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    You will have to probate her 'estate' since she did not have a will. There are Two heirs here, her husband AND her son, who, under intestate laws, will receive a child's share of the estate.

    Tell husband to see a probate attorney.

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    I guess it's not automatic.

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