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    distance from "No Parking" sign?

    Angeles Forest, Los Angeles County, California.

    parked on the gravel shoulder, cited with 15.20.070 L.A. CO. Failure to Obey Signs, by the LA Sheriff's Department.

    the only signs being a No Parking sign more than 100 feet away, on a part of the shoulder that was clearly not usable as a parking area. Vehicle was parked on a graveled shoulder area that allowed sufficient room to park away from the road surface.

    So how far from a No Parking sign does the No Parking zone extend? Obviously it can't extend infinitely in both directions, and searching through the CVC has netted no relevant information.

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    Until the next intersection.

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    The signs must be properly posted per statute ... I am at home at the moment, but I seem to recall from recent research in my city that they must be posted to indicate the location "No parking between signs" or "... to the curb", or a sign must be posted every X feet ... and the distance is not too far - about 20 or 30 feet as I recall, NOT 100 feet.

    15.20.070 Obedience to traffic signs.

    Every operator and every pedestrian shall comply with and obey every instruction appearing on any traffic sign or other marking, which sign or marking has been erected or placed by authority of the board or commissioner or this Division 1. (Ord. 6544 Ch. 1 Art. 3 § 1319, 1954.)

    15.20.080 Signs prerequisite to enforcement.

    No provisions of this Division 1 for which signs are required may be enforced against any alleged violator thereof, if at the time and place of such alleged violation any sign required by this Division 1 is not in proper position and sufficiently legible to be seen by an ordinarily observant person. (Ord. 6544 Ch. 1 Art. 3 § 1304, 1954.)

    15.20.090 Warning and directional signs.

    The commissioner may place and maintain all official warning and directional signs necessary to proper control of traffic. (Ord. 6544 Ch. 1 Art. 3 § 13202, 1954.)

    15.20.100 Regulatory signs.

    The commissioner shall place all regulatory signs and other markings required or authorized either by this Division 1 or by finding of the board or finding of the commissioner. (Ord. 6544 Ch. 1 Art. 3 § 1303, 1954.)

    You might very will prevail at a hearing if the sign is so far away ... I wish I had the DOT rules on signs present with me, but I don't. To start, you might consider checking with the county roads department and asking for a copy of their guidelines for posting of such signs.

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    Difficult to find details on parking sign placement- Los Angeles

    I'm in Los Angeles, CA and I haven't been able to find anything giving the exact regulations for where parking signs must be posted in LA municipal code or California Vehicle Code. I got a street sweeping citation (marked in violation of LA Muni Code 80.69BS) and I was researching this because I think the sign is an unreasonable distance away and I parked after an alleyway before a large, commercial driveway thus making the sign before it less obvious. My spot was a parking meter spot (I put money in), the only curb space between this alley and an entrance to a restaurant parking lot. This was an honest "mistake." I do have to check the sign to see if it is noted that it applies for the whole street or between signs.

    So according to CVC 22507.6 (for street sweeping), the sign must be posted anywhere one might pass from an intersection of streets not being swept today and into one being swept today. That's a rewording, so I might be missing something. This could apply to the original post if this is true for signage of any no-parking zone. This could apply to me in that an alleyway is a street (right? the CVC definition of street is below) and a new sign should be posted since I could enter the area from the alleyway. Driveways of any size or other breaks in the curb would not require a sign. You could have just one sign per block or less if there is no possible change in zone upon entering the street. I do remember seeing "reasonable" somewhere in my reading though. I am going to try to appeal the ticket based on my "an alleyway is a street" argument and will try to remember to post the results.

    If anyone has any helpful details or clarification, please help. There was a different post on this from 2007, so there are at least a couple frustrated people out there. Thanks,


    In CVC 22507.6:Local Regulations: Street Sweeping; Commercial Vehicles
    "Local authorities may, by ordinance or resolution, prohibit or restrict the parking or standing of vehicles on designated streets or highways, or portions thereof, for the purpose of street sweeping. ... No such ordinance or resolution shall be effective until the street or highway, or portion thereof, has been sign-posted in accordance with the uniform standards and specifications of the Department of Transportation, or local authorities have caused to be posted in a conspicuous place at each entrance to the street a notice not less than 17 inches by 22 inches in size, with lettering not less than one inch in height, setting forth the day or days and hours parking is prohibited. As used in this section, "entrance" means the intersection of any street or streets comprising an area of restricted parking for street-sweeping purposes on the same day or days and hours with another street or highway not subject to such a parking restriction, or subject to parking restrictions on different days and hours."

    CVC 590. "Street" is a way or place of whatever nature, publicly maintained and open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel. Street includes highway.

    LA Muni code
    The code I violated:
    LAMC 80.69 (b) Parking Prohibited. Whenever authorized signs are in place giving notice that parking, as defined in Section 463 of the California Vehicle Code, is prohibited at any time or during certain hours, it shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle during such prohibited times, except as provided in Section 88.01.1 of this chapter. (Amended by Ord. No. 170,019, Eff. 10/21/94.)

    (b) The department shall designate such places by appropriate signs or markings, and no person shall thereafter stop or park any vehicle at such place.

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