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    Would I be responsible?

    I'm in California. I'm buying a car from a guy who admittedly has over 800.00 dollars in parking tickets on the vehicle. He is leaving the country (he was only here as a student) and said I have nothing to worry about since the tickets follow the person not the car. Is he telling me the truth?
    Can I register this car and not worry about these old parking tickets?
    Thanks for any advice.


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    I am not 100% certain, but you may not be able to obtain legal ownership of the vehicle if those parking cites have been reported to the DMV as they will be attached as a lien to the vehicle.

    You might want to see a current registration printout of the vehicle before you hand over any money.

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    Thanks for the advice.
    I decided to take the cars owner with me to the DMV tomorrow in Oakland just to make sure we have no funny business.
    I'll post what I find out just in case anyone else faces the same dilemma.


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    No Problems

    I got the title transferred and paid the fees. The car is due for new tags in Nov lets hope that everything will go smoothly.


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