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    Angry Illegal towing of vehicle with expired tags?

    What is the name of your state? Maryland

    Here's the situation. There are two guys in my apartment complex who drive white 95 Mazda Proteges - Me, and some other guy. My car had expired out of state tags (virginia). His car had no license plates at all. He gets a bright orange warning sticker put on his car telling him he has to get new plates. He doesn't do anything about it, so the tow truck comes for him.

    Except, whenever the tow truck comes, his car isn't there. They see my white Mazda Protege, assume that I'm the same guy, and I'm just trying to pull the wool over their eyes by putting on expired Virginia tags. So they tow my car.

    So I ended up paying $141 to get my car out of the impound lot today. My question is basically was it legal for them to take my car without giving me a warning sticker like they gave the other guy? I talked to my apartment manager who can corroborate my story. He said "Oh yeah, we had the one with the marine stickers on the back towed." Mine is not the one with Marine stickers on the back.

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    Sue them. This is a racket.

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    Where was it parked in the apartment complx lot? I don't know about Maryland but I think most states require valid registration to have cars parked on public streets but the apartment lot? I think it does sound like a racket. Look in your lease to see if there is any stipulation about it there.

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