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    Smile License suspension due to seizure

    What is the name of your state? Texas
    A friend of mine had a drug induced seizure back in October of 2006 in which he was taken to the hospital. He received a letter in the mail in March 2007 stating that his drivers license had been suspended (no time frame stated on letter when expected to get it back). He has since been the the neurologist & submitted to the Department of State Health Services paperwork saying that he does not have epilepsy so as long as he stays away from neuro-stimulants he won't have this problem again and that he had an allergic reaction to the drug (which he won't be experimenting with this again as it scared the bejesus out of him). Now he wants to know when he can reapply to get his license back. DPS is saying "sure anytime here is the paper work", State Health Services is saying a one year, Doctors say 6months.....doesn't seem like he can get a straight answer anywhere (I guess most state agencies are like this). Anyone out there know when he can reaply to attempt to get license back? He lives outside of the city & getting back & forth to work has been an issue and I realize he should have thought of that BEFOREHAND, but lesson learned now what? ~Thanks for all replies

    Thank you for your assistance!

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    He should apply for reinstatement ASAP

    The worst that can happen is he will be denied for doing it to soon, and then he will have an exact timeframe, and can petition to have it released sooner.

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