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    Quiet Title, Title Jumping, How to Title my car?

    What is the name of your state? Shawnee, Kansas

    I purchased a 1993 Ford Taurus on July 7th 2007 in Smithville, Missouri. The person I bought it from had purchased it from a girl in Kansas City, Missouri 20 days earlier. He had not titled the vehicle under his name yet. I paid $750 dollars for it, made out a bill of sale, and have the bill of sale from the previous owner as well all dated.

    We thought you had 30 days to title a vehicle, but evidently I learned that he should of put the title in his name before selling it to me. The title had the previous owner's name on it.

    Anyway, two days later I was pulled over for not having plates. I received a $100 fine for no registration and proof of insurance. Upon that time, the police officer failed to give me my title back I believe. When I got home I did not have it anywhere. It is possible I lost it upon transit to and from the vehicle, but I doubt it. I called the officer as well and he confirmed with me that he did not have it. At any rate, about 5 days later I received another no registation and proof of insurance ticket.

    I had went down to the DMV in my old vehicle that was overheated, which is the whole reason I got a new vehicle, and they were closed on Monday, then on Tuesday I went down to DMV and they could not even issue me temp plates for because I don't have the title.

    I contacted the previous owner that the car is still titled too, and they sent me back a facebook note basically saying that they would not help me, and they sold the car already, and not to contact them. What are my options here? The only thing I know that I can do is have the person that is titled in the car to go get a duplicate title which is ten dollars, and then title it over to me.


    1. Will I get in trouble for buying a vehicle that was not titled to the right person? Will I get in trouble for title jumping?

    2. Are there any other ways to get a title to my vehicle?

    3. Am I going to have to hire a lawyer? If not, which court do I talk to to get this solved?

    Please help, I cannot legally drive this car or sell it or anything at all until I get that duplicate title.

    Here is a link regarding how to get a multiple title in MO [url]http://www.dor.mo.gov/mvdl/motorv/titlerep.htm[/url]

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    In a similar boat!!

    Hello there. I have found myself in a similar position before and currently as well. I took a car against a debt in which the title had not been transferred. I knew you cannot skip assignment and asked the woman to register, then sign over to me and I would even pay for that part... well guess what? I had the title, didnt write down the currently registered party, and goofed by taking it back to her and trusting she would get it taken care of. Cant get ahold of her, wont answer her door, that kind of crap. So, I have a little info and will see if I cannot find those people and get them to do what you are seeking your people to do, file for a duplicate title and assign it over to you.

    I am no legal expert, but wanted to point out a couple of things. First, until the vehicle has been transferred, they are still on the hook for the property taxes for the vehicle. Second, technically, as the registered owner of the vehicle, they are liable for potential damages caused by anyone else using the vehicle. Yes, they are probably able to prove they are not guilty, but that kind of situation could require them to spend who knows how much money for legal defense to prove it.

    So, those things in mind, maybe you could send them a letter, registered or signiture required (so you know they got it), informing them of those things and politely letting them know you are honest, upfront and just trying to get on with life and their help in the matter will not only aid your situation, but their's as well.

    If anyone has contacts or information regarding how to locate the previous registered owner of a vehicle from the VIN #, I may just need a little help myself. I am hoping the dealership found on the new vehicle window sales sticker can assist as well as hoping it was a one owner car previous to the wench who has put me in the same bind.

    Any ideas could aid a couple of us with similar problems.

    Thank you all,


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    Just found this thread. Similar situation except haven't yet purchased but want it, gonna get it!
    Question I have instead of title jumping is it possible to just have the title become suddenly lost. Then go through the process of bonded title?
    Also it might be possible to find the previous owner-don't know yet- then just have him sign the title over to me?

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