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    pinksoapbox Guest

    Can a curator sell items without the permission of the court?

    What is the name of your state? Florida

    A curator was appointed for an estate. He was appointed until the Personal Represenative is appointed. He has not paid the property taxes on the house. A tax certificate was sold on the house by the county. The house is in disrepair. When the decesed was alive the house was beautiful. The curator has now decided that he will sell ht personal items in the house at public auction. None of the heirs want this and he did not consult anyone.

    Does he need court permission to sell the items?


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    What is your definition of the term curator--is this someone employed by a local museum? Did the curator receive "letters testamentary" from the court? If so, then perhaps he could sell them but you need to be consulting with a local lawyer to find out for sure. What do you care whether the items are sold or not, since the estate will be getting the money to split amongst the heirs?

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    Very simple solution.... your or another person simply contact the court and request to be made the 'personal representative' of the estate. If approved, the curator will no longer be a factor. In fact, if appropriate, the 'personal representative' could even take legal action against the 'curator' for his conduct.

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