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    How to get money from deceased bank account

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? pa.
    my mother recently passed and there was no will, and I was poa. The only assets she had was a life insurance policy less than $5000 and $3000 in a bank account. She was in a nursing home for 10 years and all other assets were already taken by the state. The money in her account came from what she was allowed to keep from her monthly income. Once she died the bank said my POA was done. The balance of the funeral bill the bank can pay which is $1200. How can I get the rest of the funds, and what is taxable by inheritance tax?

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    I believe that you will need to call the probate office in your Mom's jurisdiction/County.

    open probate and followw the rules of intestate succession.

    Much of the info you seek can be found for free through Google [intestae succession in PA] or by ppaying an atty.

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    There is (kind of) a small estate process in PA. But, frankly, it is not all that different from regular probate. Just to be a bit more specific - contact the Register of Wills in the county in which she resided. Generally, the clerks are helpful with process-type questions.

    Just about everything in PA is subject to the PA Inheritance Tax. If the life insurance policy proceeds are payable to a designated beneficiary, they are not subject to the tax. But, if payable to the probate estate, they are.

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