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    how long until will is read?

    What is the name of your state? New York.
    I believe my sister is the executor of my father's estate. He died last week.
    How long until she is required to let us know if there is a will and when it will be read?
    Should I have an attorney present at the time the will is read in case there are any objections to the will?
    What happens if she claims there is no will?
    Can she remove belongings from my father's house without letting the other siblings know? What happens if she does so without our consent?

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    You have been watching waaaaaay to much TV, there is rarely such a thing as everyone gathering and have the will read. It is usually distributed by the Atty assisting the executor.

    If there is no will then sis ain't the Executrix of anything and anyone can open probate for the estate.

    Since there very likely will not be a "reading of the will" you can certainly take your copy to an Atty. Again if there is no will even you can hire an Atty to start the probate process.

    If you can not find out answers from Sis then call an Atty and have yourself appointed the Representative of the estate and put a lock on the house.

    It has only been a week and though I understand your concerns that is a little soon to expect anyone to have done anything yet unless Dad was super organized.

    If sis claims there is no will see an Estate Atty immediately.

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    Thanks for the quick response - you are right on target that this is all very foreign territory for me.
    I guess I need to start at square one and ask what the usual procedure for obtaining the will would be - should my sister be providing this inormation or should I go to court to find out if the document exists - or does it get mailed to me if I am listed on it?
    Trouble number two is that my father owned the three-family house he lived in - another sister lives in one apartment and her sons live in the other. There are contents of my father's apartment that are already being removed (I do not have keys to the house). Other than asking them to stop taking things, how do I get this stopped? Can this be brought up in probate proceedings?

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