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    Question Absconding from Parole Charge - Georgia

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Georgia

    My brother is a registered sex offender. He was convicted of statutory rape in 1993. At the time he was 17 and his girlfriend was 13. He was given 20 year probation and banished from the state of Georgia. He was later on convicted of a defrauding a bank ( felony ) and sentences to 2 years in a FL prison. After serving his FL sentence he was released to GA department of corrections were he served 2 1/2 years for violation of probation ( statutory rape charges ). He was released out on parole in Sept 2004 on the interstate program ( FL ) because he was banished from GA. He was released out to his wife's address but later on moved out due to a few marital problems. He registered with the appropriate sex offender authorities. As he was ready to move back in with his wife, his new parole officer declined the address. He could not continue to live in the other address. So he moved back in with his wife. If he didnt move back in with her he would have been homeless and he was banished from GA. The police picked him up and extradited him back to GA on an absconding from parole charge.

    When he was in FL he kept a job, went to church and had no new charges. His current parole officer wants him to sign a waiver to return to prison. We've hired a lawyer. Many other jail inmates have the same charges ( Absonding ) and the parole officers are letting them out as long as they can pay the back payment. Why is his case different? Is it because he is a register sex offender? Even if it took place when he was 17 years old.

    Do you think this is a case worth fighting?
    Do you think he has a chance to returning to his wife in Florida?

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    I haven't seen a lot of absconding cases in jail. Are you sure he's not talking about people in for violation of probation? VOP can be almost like bill collection. Absconding is a little more serious.

    It could be worth the lawyer. It's probably the only hope he has. The burden of proof for parole matters isn't high. The parole officer only has to show a prepondrance of the evidence. OTOH, a lawyer might be able to talk them into a better deal.

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