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    Are Altered Documents Void

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? California

    Does a material alteration, without authorization, of a waiver of constitutional rights and plea form by defendant's attorney after it was executed by defendant render the form or execution of it void? If not, what's the legal effect?

    I'm also interested in what the legal effect of a material alteration of any type of document (i.e., a check) after its execution is, and where to start researching the issue.

    Thanks in advace,
    NickWhat is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    You must be more specific.

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    Are Altered Documents Void
    sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes they are voidable, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes the alteration means nothing, sometimes it does.

    it is a very fact specific question so without very specific facts, it cannot be answered completely.

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    You're going to have to describe the document and the alterations made.

    If the document is a contract, the contract stands as it was at the time it was accepted (i.e. when both parties had signed it). Subsequent changes or destruction don't really alter the nature of the contract.

    Other documents, especially government issued licenses, certificates, etc... are voided by any attempt to make illegal changes to them.

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